There is a condition that people can develop on the balls of their feet called Morton’s neuroma. It is the results of doing certain repetitive activities that will put undue pressure on the balls of your feet. Whether you are participating in sports, or if you are wearing high heel shoes consistently, this problem can become very painful. There are many different treatment options available for those that suffer from this condition. There are also many companies that can offer you fast and reliable services. Here is an overview of why you should contact The Center for Morton’s Neuroma today.

Overview Of This Condition

The best way to describe this condition is that it will feel as if you have a pebble in your shoe. This feeling will be at the balls of your feet. You may also feel as if you have a sock bunched up at the base of your shoe, or a sharp pain that is pointing directly into this area of your foot. Regardless of how you experience this, if it is a continuous and painful sensation, you will certainly want to take care of this problem. It is caused by repetitive pressure on the balls of your feet which can lead to injuring the nerves on this part of your foot. The nerve will become much thicker, developing tissue around it, and this is what will lead to the discomfort.

Treatments For This Problem

There have been many treatment options that have been available for years. The most common is surgery. However, modern techniques have tried to veer away from this invasive strategy for resolving this issue. Physicians are now using nonsurgical treatments such as injecting corticosteroids, shockwave therapy, and platelet rich plasma injections. They have also found that injections of stem cells directly into the foot can lead to resolving the problem very quickly.

Why You Should Contact The Center For Morton’s Neuroma

The reason that you should contact this clinic is that they will provide you with the best diagnosis and treatments. They use all of the treatment options that have been listed, as well as others that they have developed. They offer conservative options so as to avoid surgery, and custom orthotics as well. Their goal is to always avoid surgery if possible, which is why they offer so many different treatments to help resolve this debilitating issue.

If you feel as if you are walking on a sharp object, or a pebble, it is possible that you have developed this condition. By meeting with a representative from The Center for Morton’s Neuroma, you will be able to start resolving the problem. They will provide you with an accurate diagnosis of how this has occurred, and what you need to do to stop the pain. They will offer one or more solutions, most of which will not be surgical, and can act quickly to prevent this condition from getting worse. You can learn more about their practice by visiting their website today.